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Daphne Odjig 2008

Book Series


  Nanabush and the Dancing Ducks


Nanabush and the Chipmunk   Nanabush and the Rabbit



Legends retold and illustrated by Daphne Odjig

The ten-book series was originally adopted in 1971 by the Manitoba Department of Education for K-4. For the first time since 1980 the books are reprinted and available.

Nanabush, son of the West Wind and great-grandson of the Moon, is the hero of the series.



Nanbush and the Spirit of Thunder


Nanabush and the Wild Rosebushes   Nanabush loses his eyeballs

A native spirit, Nanabush was a favourite childhood character of the author. Nanabush is no saint and his unusual powers are used for both good and evil in these intriguing stories.

Each of the ten little stories tells in childhood terms the results of greed, lying, meanness, courage, teasing, selfishness, obedience and thoughtless destruction of wild flowers and animals.



Nanabush punishes the Raccoon


Nanabush and Mandomin   Nanabush and the Spirit of Winter
There is humour and wonder in the legends and Daphne Odjig hopes they will create a bond of understanding between native and non-native children…and instill a sense of pride in Indian children.



Nanabush and the Wild Geese



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